Wednesday, 7 April 2010

It Will Have To Be An Early Night

As I sit here writing this post, it is almost as dark as night outside. It seems as though we still haven't actually moved into proper Springtime weather. I'm having a lazy day as I can't get out into the garden and after doing some Sudoku puzzles on my DSi (how I love that little gadget) I am about to pick up my knitting to help to pass the time.

I really must have an early night because I have to leave the house early tomorrow for an appointment with my psychiatrist. For some unknown reason I opted for his earliest appointment so I shall have to get up with the lark to get myself ready to go to catch the bus.

It will be good to be able to report that the increase in medication seems at last to be making a bit of a difference in my mood and in my ability to sleep. I'm not exactly filled with the joys of Spring, but neither am I in quite the depths of despair that I was when last I saw Dr M.

So, I shall shortly be making myself something to eat, I'll sit and knit for a couple of hours, and then I shall take my medication and take myself off to bed. One thing that I have learnt is that the night-time medication can work in a matter of minutes. Last night I got into bed, picked up my book to read a few pages, but I didn't even manage to open it before I was asleep.

It really can be possible to fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.


Anonymous said...

I find it weird that your psych is a Dr M too, although I believe yours is male and mine female?

I hope the appointment goes well. At least you have positives to report.


rielouise said...

I thought sleeping as soon as your head hit the pillow only happened in films.

steph said...

Great to find you coping so much better.

My husband is on the antidepressant 'Zispin' and is guaranteed to fall asleep within minutes of it melting on his tongue.

I'm off to pick some daffodils from our garden now, to bring to the nursing home. They're enough to brighten up anyone's day!