Thursday, 8 April 2010

I Must Have Been Out Of My Mind

I really don't know what possessed me to make an appointment to see my psychiatrist at 9am.

I did manage to get myself to bed early last night and I fell asleep pretty quickly but the I kept waking up every couple of hours. I had remembered to set the alarm so as to allow me plenty of time to shower and get dressed. But the alarm didn't go off so I overslept and had to leave the house in a rush. I walked up the road to the bus stop as quickly as I could but before I got to the top of the road a bus went by so I knew that it might be a close run thing getting to my appointment on time.

There are three different buses that use the stop at the top of my road, but only one of them would take me to the hospital. I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the bus to arrive and having boarded it when it did arrive it was a case of waiting to see what the traffic was like. It was amazing; the bus just seemed to whiz along the road, often not needing to stop at bus stops as no-one wanted to get on or get off.

It just goes to show that even though school children in London get free travel on buses, there must be an awful lot who are still being taken to school by car, because with it being the school holidays there was much less traffic about.

Anyway, I made it to the hospital in time for my appointment and Dr M called me in bang on 9am. We chatted for about half an hour covering the usual subjects of mood, sleep, emotions, etc. We made a joint decision to leave my medication as it is for the time being as it seems to be having some effect. Certainly I am now managing to sleep reasonably well at night (and sometimes during the day too) and I am not constantly in the depths of despair. So, with all the bases covered, Dr M suggested that we meet up again in 4-6 weeks.

I had to wait while P the outpatients administrator dealt with a query and then made my next appointment. P decided to have a look at what Dr M had free in 5 weeks time and we found a suitable appointment. It's going to be at 10am, a far more realistic time for me to get to the hospital easily, although I was offered 9am again.

I've learnt my lesson. I won't be opting for an early appointment again if I have to travel to it. I can't cope with having to rush about that early in the morning.


forever learning said...

I felt quite out of breathe for you, just reading about you oversleeping, rushing to get out, and then rushing up the road, only to see the bus go by!

And then I felt the relief of the bus whizzing along, not needing to stop. Phew!

I am always surprised the difference that school holidays make to the amount of traffic. Journeys always are so much quicker, if only it could be like this all the time!

Really pleased you got there in time, and hope that you are now able to relax for a while.

BenefitScroungingScum said...

Glad to hear the appointment went so well, especially at such an anti-social time of day ;)

Wendy Love said...

Sounds like all of that rushing around ended in a fairly positive appointment. Oh the joy when a medication can make a difference! Embrace it while you can.

Lily said...

Glad the appointment went well. It's somewhat relieving to know I wasn't the only person having a mad run around this morning!