Sunday, 17 January 2010

Lasagne For Breakfast

I didn't sleep very well last night. That's nothing new but although I did take medication to help me sleep, I was still awake at about 2am and when I did finally drop off I was awake again by 6am. I knew that I needed more sleep but when I tried to get settled again I couldn't because I was feeling hungry.

Hungry is not something that I do very often. Depression robs me of my appetite and also the will to actually make an effort to cook for myself. I'm a reasonable cook, so it's not as though I can't cook, just that it seems such a lot of effort for one person. This means that I rarely have a roast dinner anymore, and that is definitely one of my favourites. There is nothing like some really rare roast beef accompanied by roast potatoes, and roasted vegetables such as parsnips, carrots, courgettes, and aubergine; and there should be Yorkshire puddings and a good dollop of horseradish sauce too all served up with a good helping of proper gravy made in the tin that the meat was roasted in.

When I am well I can be quite inventive too. I make a really lovely dish which comprises diced potato, diced sweet potato, diced aubergine, diced onion, garlic, ginger, salmon, salt and pepper for seasoning, a good squeeze of lime and a healthy handful of dill to finish it off. It takes longer to prepare the vegetables for the dish than it does to cook it.

I might not be ready to start experimenting with my cooking at the moment but I am starting to enjoy food again. It's been a long time happening so I'm not well stocked up with things to experiment with. So at 7am this morning I was standing in front of the microwave waiting for it to heat up a lasagne ready meal.

I admit it's not something that I have ever had for Sunday breakfast before, but it certainly tasted good and I now feel that I might actually be going to buy some raw ingredients for a few meals over the coming week. This has to be another sign that I am at long last coming out of this horrendous period of depression that I have been enduring since the beginning of last August.


~*sappho*~ said...

You're welcome at my house... although it's roast pork, I'm afraid! I know what you mean about making the effort for one, it's rare that I do it.

Lily said...

Mmmmmm... All sounds so yummy!

Achelois said...

I am very prone to enjoy a supper for breakfast. I don't give a hoot about rules and hunger, its such a joy to feel hungry. I do often find though that, that which I crave the most is often in the shop, instead of the fridge, larder etc..

During the recent snowy weather my mother made too many meals homemade but 'ready' being old school, in the event of a power cut. So I have been chomping my way through a few, joyfully heating them up barely being able to wait for the ping of the microwave.
Perhaps with the use of the freezer you could start cooking again and freezing one for later on those days you don't feel like bothering.

Reading this post has just made me feel peckish!

Happy Cooking.