Friday, 15 January 2010

Buying A Suit And Afternoon Tea With Lily

I don't have any work-type clothes. It's almost three years since I had to give up work and I'm afraid that none of the clothes that I used to wear to work fit me anymore. This wouldn't be too much of a problem if it weren't for the fact that I have applied for a job and I know that I am going to get an interview for it because they sent me an email earlier in the week asking if I was still interested in the job because I was a very strong candidate for it based on my application form.

It's best not to turn up for an interview wearing jeans and a T-shirt which is pretty much what I am dressed in most of the time. I do have a couple of pairs of decent trousers, and some reasonable blouses and jumpers that are fine to wear to work, but I know that it would be best to wear a suit for an interview. And yesterday's email from the Shadow Health Secretary inviting me to round table discussions at the House of Commons means that I ought to be dressed in something half decent on that day too.

The answer was a trip to my nearest shopping centre with a Marks and Spencer so that I could see what they had that might be suitable. It didn't have too much difficulty finding a jacket and trousers in the right sizes so I now have a nice navy blue suit, and three new blouses to wear with it too (one white, one blue, and one pink which is not a colour that I wear often).

I bought a few more bits and pieces (not clothes) that I need in some of the other shops in the shopping centre and then it was off to the cafe to wait for Lily as we were going to meet for afternoon tea. We spent nearly two hours in each others company, drank two cups of tea each, and chatted non-stop. Lots of the talk was about plans for her wedding, but we also talked about what she has been learning about at uni this week. There were a few laughs when she was talking about medical students who are embarrassed by the lectures on certain parts of the body and how they are functioning, and one can't help wondering how these students are going to react when they are doctors and have to talk to patients about slightly embarrassing things. Surely they've thought about it before they went to medical school, but perhaps they haven't.

I am now back home and thinking about getting myself something to eat before sitting down for the evening with my feet up and maybe doing some knitting while I watch television. And just in case you hadn't realised, yes I am feeling a bit better today.


alhi said...

Sounds like a good day all round!

I hate buying suits: I find it really difficult to find one that fits me properly. I'm not the slimmest (unfortunately) but even so suits just seem to be in the wrong proportion on me all the time. Thankfully, like you, I only need to wear one for interviews and after that I can get away with a semi-decent pair of trousers. Although generally speaking you can tell what week of term we are in by my clothes. I start off smart with a pair of dress trousers and a blouse and heels but by week 10 it's jeans, top and trainers as I'm that exhausted and fed up I no longer care if I look like a student!

Nikita said...

I am so pleased you are feeling a bit better and good luck with the job interview.

I am thrilled for you in that you have been invited to the House of Commons to take part in a discussion.

It would appear that Blogs are taken noticed of, and that can only be good.

Kind regards.

Bippidee said...

It's great to hear you sounding most positive. Really pleased you are feeling a bit better. x

Achelois said...

Wow - seems like 2010 is going to be an eventful time.

I absolutely hate clothes shopping with a vengeance. Being short just under five foot - fortunately depending on which perspective you look at it from I don't work because of the ehlers danlos. Fortunate I suppose because suits dont suit me! I used to be petite and short now I am not overweight but I am topheavy. My feet being one and half shoe size are hard to find the right shoe for the suit .... my guess is you are getting the picture. Blouses and me do not go together.

I hope you treated yourself to some new shoes/boots as well. Hell go all out a facial, haircut the lot. You deserve it. Simply can't tell you how pleased I am for you at your recent email news and hope to hear you on Woman's Hour courtesy of good old Radio 4 in the very near future. Imagine, me knowing of you before you were famous!

In my time I have been oggled,poked & prodded by Student doctors being somewhat a medical mystery and have cringed as they cringed. In time or do they call it burn out they grow out of it!

Am so so pleased you are feeling a little better. It helps me feel better when bloggers I like feel better.

Hope tomorrow is a better day too.

Take care