Sunday, 17 January 2010

Computer Games

I use a computer a lot, I used them to do my work when I was in employment, and I use them still for many things including my studies with the Open University, online shopping, and writing this blog. I have never been 'into' computer games although I have been known to play the odd game of Spider when I can't sleep.

My husband loved computer games and he would have been amazed at the complexity of the games that are available now; things were still pretty simple in comparison to those available today when he died in 1998.

It is with some amazement that I should do such a thing that I have to say that I have just bought myself a Nintendo DSi. It was one of the parcels that I eventually managed to pick up early in the week. I only have a couple of games for it at the moment, one of which is Mah Jong. Mah Jong is a very old Chinese game and I have to say that it rather lends itself to being a computer game.

The game for the Nintendo DSi has two modes; one allows you to play various game formats, one at a time, while the other mode is more like an adventure. Yesterday afternoon I played a few of the solo games and started to really get into it trying to increase my high scores as I played. Today I have had a go at the adventure mode. I'm hooked. I read the little booklet that explains the game before playing but like so many of these things it didn't really explain some of the levels that well, but what the heck I'm reasonably intelligent and by playing a few times I have managed to work out what is necessary to get through those levels, by trial and error admittedly, but I am getting there.

This afternoon I have been playing the game so much that I have exhausted the battery in the game console. Unfortunately, I was well on my way to actually completing the game when the console switched itself off. I had noticed that the red light was on that should warn me that the battery power is low, but I was so engrossed that I didn't realise that it had turned to a flashing red light indicating that I had to either to save the game and exit or attach the power cable to it.

I bought this particular console because I wanted something small that I could put in my handbag for when I am travelling and need something to pass the time. I didn't really think that I would get hooked on it but I am beginning to wonder why I didn't buy myself one long ago. I have ordered a couple more games for it and they should be arriving tomorrow, but I am going to be out most of tomorrow so I will probably have to go to the sorting office to pick them up on Tuesday.

Who says that you can't teach an old dog new tricks?


Anonymous said...

What games have you ordered? Hubby bought me a Prof Layton but I haven't got round to starting it yet (too busy wiiing)

madsadgirl said...

I have Mah Jong and Sim City and I am expecting Brain Training, Sudoku Master, and Crossword Collection. I have also got a number of games in my basket at Amazon and will be ordering them on a drip feed basis over the coming weeks/months. Professor Layton is one of the ones in the basket.

Since writing the post I have recharged the battery and actually managed to get right to the end of the game. Strangely my score for the one where I completed the game is lower than two of the other games that I had played earlier. I think I lost a lot of points because I had to ask for some hints to get through one of the levels.

cb said...

I have a DS and I love it. I am a bit addicted to the jewel-matching games like Jewel Quest and another similar one that I can't remember the name of. I also have the brain training ones. A few people who I see at work like using the DS (and I work primarily with over 65s - most quite a bit over 65!) - the sudoku-type games are popular.. I find those a bit too difficult though!

Anonymous said...

I've never played Mah Jong but you've roused my interest. Think I will search ebay :)