Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Strange Day

Today has been a bit of a strange day. I had thought that I would be feeling much better today after having been given the all clear after my hospital appointment yesterday, but it wasn't to be.

It was way past midnight when I got to sleep and I was awake again by about 5am. Then I dozed a little, but not for very long. I was lying in bed reading at 7am and wondering if it was ever going to get light enough for me not to need a light on when I decided that I would switch the light off, have a few more minutes dozing and then get up. When I woke up again more than five hours later, the morning had passed me by and it still wasn't much lighter than it had been at 7am.

I've managed to make myself a sandwich so that I have had something to eat, and I have managed a few rows of my knitting, but otherwise I don't seem to have the energy or the enthusiasm for anything much. Tonight I am going to try to have an early night, and hopefully I will sleep the night through (aided by some medication) and wake up tomorrow feeling a little less depressed.

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