Thursday, 1 October 2009

To Anonymous In Australia

I'm not anyone very special; I just write my blog when I can (depression and muse permitting) and hope that some people out there in the blogosphere might consider what I have written as being worth reading. I don't have a huge readership and there are certain sections of the world where I seem to have attracted more attention than I have in others.

Every day there are a number of people who alight on this blog because they have carried out a search for certain keywords and my blog has come up. Some probably don't stay very long because my blog doesn't really provide them with what they are looking for. It can definitely be an amusing exercise to see what search details have led people to your blog and I have written about this phenomena a couple of times in the past. One particular post usually attracts one or two visitors on a daily basis and there are a couple more that come up in the statistics regularly.

One of these is a post that I wrote more than a year ago, which at the time attracted a single comment. The post related to a couple of the key themes of this blog; depression and studying with the OU. Yesterday, I received a second comment on that post, although perhaps it is wrong to call it a comment, more a cry for help.
Anonymous said...

I am at uni and studying. I am about to withdraw or fail a subject due to my depression. I left it to the last minute and now it is too overwhelming and I cannot concentrate on my assignment. This seems to be the way I work and I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't even seem that worried about failing this subject.

I'm not sure why 'Anonymous' sent me this comment, nor am I sure that they would necessarily want me to highlight it, but writing about it here was the only way that I could hope to communicate with this person and beg them to seek help. I know nothing more about them other than that they are somewhere in Australia, but having visited my blog they then visited a number of other blogs on my blog roll before disappearing back into the ether.

So, 'Anonymous', please talk to someone. I'm sure that you must have a tutor or a student counsellor who could help, of perhaps you need to talk to your doctor, but it is important that you talk to someone about your difficulties so that you can get the help and support that you need. You are not alone in being in this position because I am absolutely certain that there are university students around the world who could have written a similar comment to me, but unless you tell someone who is in a position to give the help that you so obviously need, and want, then nothing can be done to help you.

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