Thursday, 1 October 2009

Working The Crown

Not much knitting got done yesterday. Even though I know that I am getting close to completing the Fair Isle hat I still couldn't summon up the enthusiasm to sit down and get on with it although I did get as far as starting to place markers between every 12 stitches ready for the decreasing for the crown.

It was only once I was almost at the end of the first of the decrease rows this afternoon that I realised that the markers should have been placed between every 14 stitches. So, it was unpick the row, reinsert the markers (in the correct places) and then do the decreases again. I have now done two of the decrease rows and I've removed 24 stitches from the hat; there is an ordinary pattern row between each of the decrease rows.
Even though there have only been two decrease rows completed it can be seen in the photograph above that the crown shaping is already apparent.

Somewhat annoyingly, now that I have only about 20 rows left to knit, and with steadily decreasing numbers of stitches at that, I have managed to get a really good difference in colours on the two balls of wool.

Isn't that just the way of things.

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