Thursday, 1 October 2009

I Knew Things Were Going Too Well

Work on the hat continued this afternoon, only being interrupted by my needing to go out for an appointment with my GP.

I actually went to see him for a prescription for antidepressants; I shall run out in a few days and they are not one of the things on my repeat prescription list so I have to see him every time I need some more. We also had a quick chat about my biopsy results and the fact that the sore area on my nose is still giving me some trouble and discussed the ointment and dressings that the consultant at the hospital prescribed. We talked about the weight of my glasses and whether it could be that which is causing the continuing sore area, but having handed my glasses to GP for him to assess the weight and my then saying that I have been wearing them for three and a half years so why have they suddenly started to cause the problems. It was at this point that GP suggested that if I had been wearing the same glasses for all that time, perhaps I ought to go for another eye test. Well, of course, I've already done that and I can pick up one pair tomorrow but the second pair (the ones that had to go back for new lenses because the manufacturers hadn't put the right lenses in the frame) still isn't back yet.

Then it was a quick chat about my dodgy hip and how I am coping with that (and whether or not I am getting enough exercise because of it) and a quick run through my latest blood test which shows that all my levels are within normal limits (except for the couple which we know are always outside the norms; I'm just a bit different to everybody else) and it was time for me to leave and walk up to the chemist's to get my prescription dealt with. All that and I was in with my GP for only 12 minutes.

Once I was back home again, I decided that I would sit down with my knitting and try to get the hat finished. After all, the rows were going to be getting shorter and therefore each would be taking me less time as I progressed. Things were going nicely until suddenly I found that I just couldn't get the pattern right. It's quite difficult trying to keep the Fair Isle pattern going at the same time as I am decreasing stitches. Why couldn't I get it right? Because I had made a stupid mistake in the row before and now I am going to have to unpick that row so that I can put it right.

The hat is definitely not going to be finished tonight!


Lily said...

At least you didn't stab yourself with a knitting needle like a certain stupid person I know!!

I only have lectures at the hospital you mentioned, every couple of wednesdays. My placement is in once of the district generals on the outskirts of London, which is nice but a bit of a mission to get to. Hoping to get a placement at that hospital later in the year though, I'm suffering withdrawl from the coffee shop in the entrance!

Anonymous said...

I still have to see my GP every month for my repeat prescription of my AD’s and mood stabilisers since they are still on 4 weekly scripts... I wish they would just put them on every couple of months now, it’s a tad awkward having to go down every month and even more so now with college.

I sent the password for the blog to your email BTW.