Friday, 3 July 2009

Much Cooler

Well, there was no thunderstorm to wake me this morning, but I did wake a couple of times in the night to the sound of rain. The first time it didn't seem to be very heavy nor to last very long. However, the second time there was a definite sound of heavy rain. While I am not sure how long it had been raining before I woke up, I did lie there listening to it for a reasonable amount of time before returning to sleep.

The result of this is that today is much cooler and therefore much more bearable. I had a lie in this morning and actually had to climb under the duvet instead of lying on it because I had started to shiver in the cooler air.

Yes it is lovely to have sunshine, but it is also lovely to have rain occasionally to freshen everything up and make things a lot more comfortable.

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