Friday, 9 January 2009

Paying For It

I'm paying for having had a good day yesterday.

I've had no sleep, I feel very low, really depressed, and I've spent much of the night crying. Perhaps it's as well that I have psychotherapy today because maybe that will help.  I certainly hope so because I really do not like feeling like this.


Jobbing Doctor said...

I do hope things pick up for you.

Anonymous said...

No, none of us do.
It always struck me as rather ironic that 'therapy' generally involved spending the entire night before getting really wound-up,anxious and depressed.However, the relief i felt once the ordeal was over went someway to compensating for the former dread!
Hope you are feeling better now.

Lily said...

:( Hoping psychotherapy went ok. Thanks for all the knitting help so far xxx