Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I Loaded Google Chrome

Yesterday I wrote a post about the new browser on the block called Google Chrome. I couldn't load it at that time because as with all things American we had to wait until it 11am Pacific Time for it to become available. As the evening progressed I forgot all about it, so it wasn't until I was playing on the computer in the early hours of this morning, because I couldn't sleep, that I got around to doing it. It loaded easily and I started to play with it; I was quite impressed. I particularly liked the idea of pages that you go to frequently being stored as thumbnails on the front page.

Everything seemed fine. I thought that I would write a post about my first experiences with the new browser, and that I would create a link with my earlier post so that anyone who hadn't read it could see what I had to say; I hit a problem. I couldn't create the link. No matter how I tried it just would not do it. My immediate reaction was why should this be a problem? After all I use Google Blogger for my blog so there shouldn't be a problem creating a post in Google Chrome, should there? Well, there certainly seemed to be. I saved the post, selected 'edit posts' found the post that I was working on and selected 'edit' and tried again; Shift + Ctrl + a, as I always do, but nothing happened.

Strange. So I closed Google Chrome and tried to open Mozilla FireFox, the browser that I had previously been using. Up came a message telling me that it was already running so I needed to close it before I could open it again. But I hadn't opened it today, so what was going on? I decided to reboot the computer and try again. So after it had closed itself down and restarted I tried opening FireFox again. Hey presto; it opened straight away, I signed in to Google and selected 'edit post'. When I tried to create the link this time it worked immediately.

Have I found a bug already or is it my computer misbehaving? I'm not sure, but I have decided to finish this post in FireFox, but will open Chrome later to do another post that I have in mind. I'll make sure that there is at least one link in that and then we shall see what happens.

Teething problems in computer applications can be a real pain!


Anonymous said...

How brave you are; cool dude!

I read about chrome today and chickened out re.loading it until I'd seen how others got on with it.


Anna O. said...

Every time I load a new program something seems to go wrong and my computer starts acting really oddly!! Mr O has banned me from finding any new ones so I might have to wait until he discovers it.....let us know how it goes!