Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Update On The Roadworks Near The Library

I've written about the roadworks that have been outside the local library and one of the local primary schools a couple of times recently. One of the hallmarks of this work, which is to replace London's Victorian water mains, has been the extremely long time that each area of roadworks has taken to complete. When they decided to dig up the road at the front of the school, and closed the pelican crossing outside the school, I did wonder whether they would manage to complete the work before the children started back at school after the summer holidays.

The answer to that is that is that they have and they haven't. No, I haven't started talking gobbledygook, nor have I lost my normal literary skills. What has happened is that the road that separates the school and the library has been filled in, except for an area around the junction of this road with the main road. Part of the extensive trench that had been present from the corner on which the primary school is situated towards the local girls' secondary school about 400 yards along the main road is still open, although the area between the primary school to a bit beyond the pelican crossing has been filled in. Unfortunately, the crossing is still out of action because three-way traffic lights are still controlling the flow of traffic. The girls' school started their new school year today, it can't be long before the primary school start theirs.

I guess we'll have to wait and see whether the crossing can be used when the children start back at school, or whether an already traffic-laden road will become more of a nightmare than usual.

I'll keep you posted.

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