Thursday, 4 September 2008

Chrome Update

I promised that I would keep you updated with my efforts using Google Chrome and I am afraid that the problem that I was having yesterday trying to create a link in my posts while writing in Blogger with Chrome as the browser do not seem to be me having a bad day.  I have tried this again and I still can't get it to work.  

I'm not a computer whizz-kid, just a fairly competent 50-something lady, who is able to do most things that you need to do on a computer without too much bother, but this simple task seems to be beyond my capabilities at the moment.  I expect that there is a simple explanation, but I don't as yet know what it is, and the Help on Chrome does not seem to cover the problem that I have encountered.

At some point today I shall be reporting the problem that I have encountered to Chrome in the hopes that they can point out the error of my ways, but for the moment my advice is this: Chrome is great as a browser, but I would not give up your current browser just yet, as there are undoubtedly some problems that need to be fixed if you want to do anything more than simply using it to surf.

I will report back to you when I have sorted my problem.


Jobbing Doctor said...

As an apple mac user, Safari is fine for me. At work I have to use IE.

Elaine said...

Ah well, must be getting old - never heard of Chrome (nor of Safari), but at least I have heard of apple mac!

madsadgirl said...


Google haven't exactly launched Chrome with the kind of hype that Microsoft always use for their launches, so it is probably not that surprising you haven't heard about it. I only found out about it a few day ago and thought that it might be worth a try. As a browser it is excellent, but I have found this little problem when I try to do something that works perfectly well when I use FireFox, so I have just been documenting it so that others are aware of it, and in the hope that somebody may know what the fix is.

Admittedly this is a Beta version, so it is entirely likely that there will be some bugs in it, but Google have been entirely up front about it be being Beta, so anyone using it is, in fact, a member of a huge testing team. This is the difference between Google who have admitted it is a Beta version of the application, and Microsoft who claim that something is fully tested and then within a few weeks there are so many patches for it that it is like a new program.