Saturday, 12 December 2009

Swiftly Moving Fingers

This post does not relate to my fingers moving over the keyboard of the computer although I am a pretty quick typist having learned to touch type when I was at school and having used that skill throughout most of my working life I can still type at something like 60 words a minute. Having learnt in the days of manual typewriters, using keyboards today requires little effort compared to those days and I sometimes wonder why repetitive strain injury is so common these days when we didn't suffer from it when we had to type with a definite thumping action.

No, I am referring to the way that my fingers are working on my knitting. I have finished the back of the cardigan and have now started on the first of the fronts. As this is only half the width of the back, and I now have row counts for the various sections that comprise the back that I can use to indicate how much more I have to do on each section of the fronts, I am predicting that I will get the first front finished this evening and probably get a significant amount of the second front done too.

However, while I am doing this knitting I am also trying to draft in my mind the next part of Tackling The Mental Health Minefield. I have started to type it up and I hope to finish it this evening or tomorrow morning at the latest. Thinking up the secondary titles for each of the posts is one of the things that I have been enjoying as I type them up, but the next post's title has been clear in my mind for a couple of weeks and I even spoke about it to Lily from The Student Doctor Diaries when we were having a chat over a cup of tea the Friday before last. So, soon to be coming to a computer screen near you will be Tackling the Mental Health Minefield Part 6 - Throwing The Christian To The Lions.

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