Friday, 11 December 2009

Computer Away, Knitting Needles Out

The short stories for my TMA are typed up and the finished document has been sent on its electronic way to my tutor for him to pull to pieces. I think that I have a book in me (they say that we all have one book in us) but I don't think that it is fiction.

I rarely have to struggle to find words when writing posts for this blog, but all that is written is factual and has happened to me or is me commenting on strange or annoying or funny things that I have seen or read. Much of my working life was spent writing reports, and these were often very detailed, technical and based on a great deal of analysis. It seems that while I have a way with words I don't have the sort of imagination that would allow me to create characters and situations needed to become a successful novelist.

I'm taking the weekend off from studying. I'm now only about a week behind everyone else on the course and I hope that I can make that up by a concerted effort next week. While this course is not exactly important to me, after all I am not going to be using the credit from it towards a qualification, it is an excellent way of making sure that I have something to focus on and put my energy into.

This weekend I am going to be knitting. I have been commissioned to knit a jumper for the grandson of one of the ladies who worked at the assisted-living accommodation that I lived in when I came out of hospital. I saw her at the bus stop yesterday when I was waiting to catch my bus home. A huge smile broke out on her face when she saw me and she enveloped me in her arms and commented on how well I looked. As we were chatting she asked about how my knitting was going and I told her that I had finished the little jacket that I had been knitting for 'D's' baby. Then she asked if I could knit something for her grandson, in maroon, and could I get it finished in time for Christmas.

I managed to find a nice pattern this morning and some wool which I think will look lovely when it is knitted up. Fortunately her grandson is only two, so it is still quite a small size that I am going to be knitting and with a bit of luck I should get at least half of it done this weekend. I've cast on the stitches for the back and completed the first row. Once I have finished this post I shall make myself a cup of tea and then settle down with pattern, needles and wool and knit away all evening.


steph said...

Whatever about your fiction writing, you get full marks for persistence and effort!

Lovely to hear about the outcome of your chance meeting with that acquaintance. Happy knitting!

Achelois said...

I hope the acquaintace becomes a friend secretly. I expect my awful knitting would get an awful lot better if i spent less time on the laptop moaning about my crap knitting and more time practising!

Lucky grandson to get your hand crafted gift.