Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Christmas Shopping

I had to go and see the Home Treatment Team this morning. I should have gone last Friday but there was no way that I was going out with snow on the ground and not knowing what the buses were going to be like. I phoned them to let them know that I wouldn't be coming and made arrangements to see them today instead.

I chose to make the appointment for today because I thought that I could kill two birds with one stone and get my Christmas shopping on the way home. It shouldn't be too busy I thought because it's not Christmas Eve until tomorrow. I got off the bus and walked to the supermarket which happens to be the biggest one in the country for that particular chain and went looking for a trolley. I knew that I didn't need a lot of shopping but I wanted to get a couple of bottles of wine and a couple of bottles of soft drink, so rather than trying to carry a basket which would be getting heavier as I went round the shelves it needed to be a trolley.

Shopping trolleys come in various sizes and a small one would have been ideal for what I wanted, but there wasn't one to be seen. In fact, I managed to get the last of the large trolleys. that gave me an indication of how busy it was inside the store. It was a teeming mass of humanity. It seems that everybody had decided to do their food shopping this morning.

I still don't feel much like cooking myself meals at the moment, so I had decided that I would see what ready-meals I could find. I now have a choice of penne pasta with bolognaise sauce, macaroni cheese, or sausage and mash for my Christmas dinner. And a bottle of Australian sparkling wine to wash it down.

As you can see, I really know how to have a good time!


Karita said...

Those meals sound good to me! I believe there is a time for ready-meals, they serve a purpose. Enjoy. :)

Lily said...

I too made the mistake of hitting the supermarket today... had to fight my way to the milk, and couldn't find a trolley anywhere!

If I was you I'd be tempted to have all 3 meals on Xmas day! Yum yum yum xxx

Anonymous said...

My local supermarket was the same, it took 10 minutes to get a trolley... I know Christmas is difficult but take care, enjoy the wine x

Nikita said...

I too when shopping today - usual shop plus two bags of sprouts - at 8.25am(ish) after work - and the shop was heaving. What do people buy and why do they leave it so late?

I hope your Christmas Day is okay and understand that you may be thinking of Mr. Smiley.

Although I have not commented of late, due to my own personal life, I do think of you often.

If you want to correspond by email. I have no problem with this.

Kind regards and love and stuff.

Mags. xxx

cb said...

I ambled into the supermarket yesterday to grab a sandwich for lunch. BIG mistake. Urgh. So.. many.. people.
anyway, wishing you all the best over Christmas period.