Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Lecturing Again

I've had an email this morning asking if I would be willing to give my lecture 'A Patient's Perspective Of Psychotherapy' at one of the London universities again. I replied straight away and now all I have to do is agree a date with 'S'.

It's nearly a year since I gave it the first time and I remember the nerves and anxiety that I suffered beforehand. I know that I will suffer the same feelings again, but the lecture was well received last time, and I have no doubt that it will go down well again.

Over the next few days I must make some time to sit down with the script for the lecture and update it. I still had a few months of psychotherapy after giving the lecture in February, so I can add the feelings that I had when the psychotherapy came to an end, and talk a little about the therapy that I am undergoing at the moment.

The lecture is based on posts that I wrote at the time that I was receiving therapy and the emails about it that I wrote to Mr Smiley. Updating it shouldn't be much of a problem so a few hours should see it done. Having the confidence to do things like giving this lecture and the presentations about patients having online access to their medical records is very much down to Mr Smiley. It was he who constantly reminded me that they were things that were well within my capability and that I had been doing for years.

It is moments like this that make me realise how much I will miss Mr Smiley's gentle encouragement and his faith in my abilities.


The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive said...

Wow, well done! xx

Anonymous said...

You really should be proud of yourself for giving back like this. I do similar at my old hospital (nurse and doctor training days) and with the samaritans. I'm meant to be speaking at the NW MH Nursing Forum in the new year.

What you're doing is amazingly important. Can definitely relate with the nerves though, but then I just think, after everything, I'd rather help than try and bury my head in the sand. If I can help then that's exactly what I want to do. I guess what I think is that although it'd be amazing to forget everything that's happened, I'd lose everything I gained from being ill, even if that stuff didn't matter at all at the time. Experience is a horrible but wonderful thing.

Anyway, apologies for the rant. Take care and have a Merry Christmas x

Achelois said...

You give of yourself so much more than I. Mr Smiley will continue to do his work with his faith in you each time you remember to have faith in yourself. I wish I had a Mr Smiley.

Compared to me, your achievements are great, despite the nerves and anxiety you DO it.

You have so much more tenacity than you see in yourself I think. I see an intelligent, brave and resilient human being who continues to give for the common good despite the journey being tough.

I for one know that your lecture will be superb and that your words will make people sit up and take notice.

Take care.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree with the above poster, but in no way could express this gratitude to you as clearly and honestly.

Best Karma will surely come to you.