Monday, 2 November 2009

Still In Hospital

My consultant was a bit dismayed to hear that the ward staff had disregarded her instructions and tried to send me home for two nights instead of the few hours on the first day and then if I coped with that to allow me to spend a night at home. She knew what she had said, and I knew what she had said, but it seems that if a member of the ward staff hears incorrectly then I am not allowed to correct them; they are always right.

As a result I have spent the weekend back in the hospital again, but spending a few hours at home each day. At this afternoon's ward round I am going to ask to spend most of the day at home tomorrow, then the afternoon and evening at home on Wednesday before trying for another full night at home on Thursday.

The consultant was also very upset to find that they had sent me home from the ward without ensuring that any of the necessary support network had been set up; so that was another black mark for the ward staff.

I have a number of posts in my mind that I will be writing over the coming days and weeks, each of which will detail one aspect of the care and treatment (or lack of it) that I have received.


Ruby Tuesday said...

I've been a bit absent from blogworld recently, so had missed that you'd gone into hospital. Some of your experiences sound remarkably similar to my own.

Do you feel that it's helping, at least to keep you safe?

take care x

alhi said...

I think your proposed plan sounds good. It will ease you back into your own routine and back into life at home without cutting you off entirely. hopefully it will be successful and you'll be back blogging and knitting regularly.

Lily said...

So pleased that you're back to blogging! xxx

Achelois said...

I must admit I was somewhat dismayed that you had no support network to hand - it seemed harsh.

It seems dreadful to me that a directive from a consultant could be ignored in this way and no recourse due to an apparent sudden attack of deafness on behalf of the ward staff!

I sincerely hope you are allowed to do as you wish and spend the forthcoming day, evening then a night at home. It seems the logical way to go. I must say it seemed bizarre that you were sent home at night in the first instance. Surely spending a little time at home to acclimatise, even making sure you had fresh milk and food in to make it more bearable would seem sensible.

In the meantime, I hope this week goes well but am hoping you are not put under pressure to go home before you are properly ready. Or indeed when you are at home that the appropriate support services are definately in place.

I sign off saying take care and am wondering if you are missing your knitting etc. I know I am missing reading about them!

Good luck this week.