Friday, 28 August 2009

Off To The Doctor's

It was off to see my GP for my monthly mood check this morning. I know that it was only last Friday that I saw a doctor, but that wasn't to see my usual one who does my monthly checks and makes sure that I am not getting suicidal.

We talked about how this is a difficult time of year for me and what I was doing to try to cope with the depression. I talked about living one day at a time and how even the lovely day that I have planned for next Wednesday isn't helping very much at the moment. I am sure that when Wednesday arrives I shall be much better. Spending time with There and Back is always great and we have the added bonus of our visit to the theatre to enjoy.

We also talked about the sore area that I have on my nose, which was one of the main reasons why I had to make an appointment to see one of the doctors last Friday. It has been there for almost a month now, is getting no better, is still very sore and wearing my glasses is very painful. My regular GP is a bit worried about it, so he has referred me to see a dermatologist under the 'two-week rule'. I think it is the fact that the area has a different texture to the other side of my nose that is ringing alarm bells.

It is so nice to be able to have the continuity of care that I have. By seeing the same doctor each time, I don't have to constantly repeat all of the things that I have been through that have caused me to suffer so severely from depression and it makes it easy for a good record of how the depression gets bad and then improves to be maintained. The problem is that to most people who know me I am able to present a 'face' that seems to indicate that all is well. Very few people can see beyond that 'face' and dip into the turmoil that is in my mind.

Since I have been back home from the appointment, the wind has become very gusty. The curtains in the rooms with open windows are being blown all over the place and we have already had one torrential downpour although the sun is doing its best to shine at the moment.

Of course, it is a Bank Holiday weekend so we must expect some pretty awful weather. This is Britain after all

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GP Informed said...

Hope you start to pick up soon. Continuity of care really is important - as you say seeing someone who you know and trust makes things so much easier. Also the fact that the doctor knows you and can tell when you are putting on a brave face is a vital componemt of good general practice.