Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A Rough Time Of It

I'm finding things really difficult at the moment. Depression is taking it out of me. Although I am managing to get some sleep without the need to revert to drugs, it is not good sleep so I am waking each morning feeling pretty awful.

I just want the next couple of weeks to pass so that I can try to get on with my life again. It's hard summoning up the enthusiasm and the energy to do anything other than to sit around and today I couldn't even face leaving the house.

Concentration is something that I can't manage for more than a few minutes so reading a book has become a nightmare. I keep reading the same page over and over again and I still don't know what I have read.

Sometimes I hate my life so much I wonder why I carry on.


Laurie said...

I read somewhere once that naming five things you can do is an instant mood boast..

It sounds like you should talk to a doctor.. that my mood boast advice is not much of cure but might put a smile on your face.

I hope that things start to look up for you soon!


Achelois said...

I think it may be an idea to discuss some medication even if to introduce good sleep pattern. I suppose its a terminology thing - you say revert to drugs - I say I take medication along with other coping strategies to help me cope. ihope tomorrow is another day. When unable to cope with reading a book try a trashy magazine - they certainly don't strain the old grey matter. really hoping tomorrow is a better day. you can't read, much i have knitting block, at least we have our blogs to help us through! take care.

cb said...

Take care. I don't have any other words of wisdom to impart but am sending as many positive thoughts as I can muster.

Anonymous said...

So tough and confusing when your concentration decides it's headed for the Bahamas without you. wish i had a solution. meanwhile, i'm sending lots of healing vibes and a *hug* your way.

sometimes i wonder why i carry on, too. most likely answer: i'm too stubborn to give up at this late stage! ;)

Prozac said...

Comics? Mine will cheer you.

On second thoughts...