Wednesday, 22 April 2009

New Medication And A Growing Shawl

Yesterday's trip to see my GP has resulted in a change of medication to see if this will help to improve the way that I am feeling. The problem is that it always takes a few weeks before the drug has been in the system for long enough to start to make improvement possible, and in the meantime the bad feelings remain. I've been on so many antidepressants over the last 10 years that it seems as though I have tried them all. I haven't, but it sometimes seems that way.

Today the fifth clue for the Shawl KAL has been posted, so I have this evening's knitting already planned; I might even start working on it this afternoon. The problem is that the number of stitches on each row is well up past 400, in fact it is approaching 500, and it is taking longer to knit each row. From being able to knit a couple of rows each minute in the early days, it now takes in excess of 20 minutes to knit each row. But the pattern unfolding as I knit is so beautiful that it makes it all worthwhile.

One thing that I know is that it will be lovely to sit watching television, or knitting something else, in the winter with this shawl arapped around my shoulders to keep out the effects of the winter chill.


alhi said...

I hope the new medication works. The psychologist I saw suggested I saw my GP about changing my ant-depressants and I did mention it to her but she wanted the joints under control before doing anything. She also suggested seeing a psychiatrist as I've been on the 2 with the least side effects and she's not sure about prescribing anything else without a psychiatric consult. Don't really want that.
The knitting sounds fascinating, I may very well give it a go in the winter months!

Anonymous said...

At least your GP has recognised that a change of medication is necessary and may, indeed, improve your general well-being. I hope it does. The unfolding Shawl KAL initiative sounds fascinating; I can't wait to see the finished product. But in excess of 20 minutes to knit each row!!!!!!! Glad to see that you kept to your word and posted to your blog today. It is cathartic, and you will realise that it is. In many ways that is why I write to you when I can; if nothing else it acts as a sanity check. The point here is, I think, that you can write to me most days (admittedly is response to a message I send to you), so why do (did) you find it so difficult to write to your blog? I know the answer so that question was really a rhetorical oneI will write, separately, later. With love xx :-))