Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Am I Manic?

Tuesday morning, barely past 7am and I have already received and replied to two emails, written two more very long emails (one to Mr Smiley and one to There and Back), answered another email that I received last night that may involve me being filmed for something (more about that when I have more information) and now I am sitting here writing a post.

Am I being manic?

Off to see my GP later so he can decide!


Lily said...

Maybe it's just all the writing you've had bottled up inside you recently coming out in one go?!

Anonymous said...

You're not manic and I'm not sure that your GP would tell you anyway, even if he decided you were! It is great that you have decided to be a regular contributor to this blog again; even I have missed what you have to say! And that is saying something. Looking forward, with bated breath, to your bit of controversy. Keep well and be strong. :-))