Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Playing Truant

I'm feeling a bit like a naughty schoolgirl today.  I should be spending the day working on TMAs for the two OU courses that I am currently doing, but I am going to play truant.  I did some work yesterday, but today I feel that I need to spend time on myself.

I still have just over a week to get the three TMAs completed so it isn't exactly imperative that I work on them today, but the sooner I get them completed the better.  Yet, today I have woken up and decided that I shall have a lie in, just because I can, and that I shall have a lazy day just doing things that I want to and that I enjoy. This is a little bit naughty because I have just had a couple of days away from studying because I was feeling very depressed and I was unable to concentrate.  But there is a big difference between not doing something because you are unable to, and not doing something because you don't want to.

Today, it is very much a case of the latter.  So I am going to indulge myself.  I'm going to do whatever it is that I feel like doing, and I am going to eat whatever I feel like eating.  I shall be naughty and not count the cost or the calories.  I shall do a bit of knitting, read a book, or watch a film on TV.  If I feel like having a quick nap, that that is what I shall do.  I am going to be selfish and think only of myself today.

I shall just have to work twice as hard tomorrow.  That is one of the penalties for playing truant.


Anonymous said...

Tut tut! Naughty girl!
I'm going to be doing much the same although I'll be embroidering a handbag (late Xmas pressie for my chum). Me and knitting never really worked out in the end although I still have a scarf that is around 4 1/2 meters long made during hours of tedious exile aged 19. It's funny how it provokes so many memories of whatever was or wasn't going on at the time - the fuzzy blue stripes were when I met so-and-so and the pink mohair bit was just after I'd had a horrible row with my flat-mate over the dirty dishes - again, and so on..
Anyway - hope you enjoy your day. You deserve it. It's good to be idle now and again.

Lily said...

I too am playing truant today, unfortunately I've been doing the same all holiday so far!

Good luck getting it all done during the week

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed yourself! x