Saturday, 20 December 2008

Just Another Weekend

After a very difficult Thursday, and my normal Friday morning anxiety over my psychotherapy session, I have made it to the weekend.  As far as the TV companies are concerned the holiday period has started and we are being treated to lots of films, so I shall have to see what is coming up over the next few days and decide what I am going to watch and what I shall record for future consumption.

I don't have much to do over the next few days.  Monday morning will see me making a visit to see my GP.  It is just my normal monthly appointment so that he can see how I am and check my blood pressure and mood.  Then it will be a quick dash to the Post Office to post a small package by special delivery.  Tuesday I will get the last bits of shopping for Christmas.  I don't need very much, just some fresh fruit and vegetables, a bottle of wine to have with my Christmas dinner, and possibly a little treat for myself.

I know that Christmas isn't going to be a very special day for me; there won't be any presents or a traditional Christmas dinner, but I think that I can get through it okay.  I am treating this next week or so as just an ordinary period.  I am not thinking about it being Christmas; Thursday will be just like any other day which will just have some rather different television programmes to watch.  My viewing will include Doctor Who, and the new Wallace and Gromit offering.

I have spent the last few evenings working on the Shetland lace shawl, and after having decided to knit it in a different yarn it has progressed very well.  I have managed to finish the centre square with its rosebud pattern and have now picked up the stitches around the central panel and started to knit the border pattern. There are 92 rows to knit before I start the lacy edging; so far I have completed six rows.  Not many perhaps, but it is a start and fortunately although it looks very complicated when you look at the photographs of the finished pattern, it is actually quite an easy pattern to follow (it is knitted using a couple of charts to make it easier) and I am hoping that there will not be too many problems as the rows progress.

It will be time to pop my lunch in the microwave in a minute (home-made vegetable biryani) and then I can spend the afternoon knitting and half-watching a progression of films.  It may not be very exciting, but at least I can cope with it.

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