Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Things Aren't Going So Well

Pretty much everything has been going well over the last couple of weeks.  I've been getting on with my studying, and I'm ahead of the drag curve on both courses, so I have been feeling rather proud of myself.  The last couple of psychotherapy sessions have gone well and I can start to see some benefit from it.  I've knitted two jumpers and a hat, and I am fairly close to finishing my third jumper; it was chunky wool knitted on large needles so it grew quickly.  Sleep is the thing that has been a bit of a problem, but I have survived that and I'm generally feeling better than I have for a long time.

So, why I am saying that things aren't going so well?  I started work on the Shetland lace shawl last night and I have so far started it, knitted the four rows of garter stitch and then 10 rows of the 'rosebud' pattern only to make a mistake on the 11th and drop a stitch, which it was impossible to pick up again.  The only thing to do was to unpick all that I had done and start again; I did.  This time I managed to get to the fifth row of the first 'rosebud' pattern before making a mistake, and as I attempted to unpick the stitches to try to correct it, a dropped stitch again caused havoc and the shawl was again unpicked.

Later on this morning, when I have had some breakfast, done my chores, been out to buy some bread and milk, and made sure that I am in a reasonable frame of mind, I will start the shawl for the third time.  You know what they say about 'third time lucky'.  I'm hoping that they are right and this will be the time where things go well and I am able to follow the pattern and count the stitches properly and progress with the shawl's centre.  What is making this so difficult when it comes to dropped stitches is that the yarn is extremely fine, more like sewing cotton than knitting wool, and it is very difficult to both unpick stitches and to catch stitches when you have dropped them.

One of the things that knitting lace shawls over the last 18 months has taught me is that it is possible to get there in the end.  One shawl pattern that I have was knitted and unpicked, knitted and unpicked, then knitted again so many times before I finally managed to master the pattern and complete the shawl.  It was all worthwhile because the finished article is beautiful and I have since knitted the pattern again without any trouble at all.  I know that if I just take my time and don't try to rush things, I will master the pattern for this shawl and that once I have got the first pattern repeat out of the way it will all become much easier.

In other words, all I have to do is PERSEVERE.


Anonymous said...

Well Madsadgirl, you never fail to surprise me. What can I say? To write the word (especially in uppercase) is a mark of how much you've moved on since those really dark days. Well done and I'm so pleased for you, in recognizing that you can do this seemingly small thing that other readers of your blog won't even be aware of. You have definitely improved and supports the comment I made on one your posts the other day. In terms of delicacy and intricacy I think the design of you shawl is well within your capabilities; I should know I've seen what you have been able to produce in the past. I will continue to post until my normal method of communication becomes available. Hopes this answers your earlier question. Keep well and continue to be focussed. With love. Mr Smiley. xx xx

cb said...

I have to say, I love hearing about the knitting. It is quite inspiring actually.