Tuesday, 4 November 2008

A Dream Of A Shawl

Writing about the things that I am knitting, have just knitted, or am about to knit, seem to have formed a significant part of recent posts to this blog. It has surprised me how much interest in the form of comments that these posts have attracted. Midwife asked me if I had a picture of the shawl that I am about to knit. So here are a couple of pictures for everyone to see what I have let myself in for. The first picture shows the pattern that will form the central square of the shawl; it is called rosebuds and is knitted backwards and forwards as would be normal with a piece of knitting. The second picture shows the border which comprises three sets of diamonds each filled with a different pattern. There are two ways in which this border can be knitted. For the less experienced knitter it is suggested that you knit the border in four parts, working from each side of the central square in turn. However, for the experienced knitter, instructions are given for knitting the border in the round, that is on a circular needle. Once this beautiful border has been completed, a lacy edging is then knitted to finish off the design.

Apparently the shawl can be knitted in about 600 hours, but I am not going to be keeping a count. It will just be sufficient for me to complete it without too many mistakes along the way. So this gives you a bit of an idea of what the shawl will look like, but there is nothing like looking at the real thing, so as I said before, I will include photographs of the shawl as it progresses.


Lily said...

That looks insanely complex.

Anonymous said...

I echo Lily's comment. It will be beautiful though, so delicate.