Sunday, 2 November 2008

Something For The Cold Weather

One of the things that I noticed with the change to very cold weather last week was that I seem to feel the cold so much more than I have in the past.  I don't think I have worn a proper pair of shoes for more than a year, and the only time I wear trainers is when I am working in the garden; I have been wearing sandals all the time and I haven't really felt the cold in my feet. However, last week I noticed that I had cold feet in bed, and that is something that I hadn't noticed for years, so it was popsocks and shoes when I went for psychotherapy on Friday instead of sandals.

While my body and feet were taken care of, I noticed that my ears were freezing and it was then that I determined that I would knit myself a hat, hence the purchase of wool for a hat and mittens on Friday after psychotherapy.  I finished the hat today, and having sewn it up I felt a photograph was called for.  It is a beret style of hat with a quite easy cable panel alternating with plain stocking stitch panels.  Nothing very glamorous, but I'm more interested in warmth than appearance these days.

I've started knitting the jumper with the wool that I bought at the same time as that for the hat.  It is very chunky yarn and is knitting up quickly.  But it will probably end up being my fall-back knitting over the next couple of weeks.  That's the knitting that I have on the go when I am knitting something very complicated that I sometimes need a break from.  Tomorrow I will be starting to knit the Shetland lace shawl and I am sure that I will need to take breaks from it now and again.

I will keep you posted about how the shawl progresses, and will add photographs regularly so that you can see the delicate patterns that are included in the shawl.  Wish me luck, because I have never knitted anything so fine before, and I am a little nervous about such an undertaking.


Disillusioned said...

Enjoy; I look forward to hearing of its progress.

Many years ago I made several extremely fine baby shawls, though on a knitting machine not by hand. It was very rewarding. Not sure i would have the patience - or the confidence - to give it a go now, though I do still have the knitting machine.

Anonymous said...

Do you really want support in undertaking knitting a Shetland-wool lace shawl? I don't really think so. If you look back at Steph's comment on your post of 1 Nov 08, you will see that she believes you have made enormous progress in the last few months, and I can say that with some certainty, that this is definitely the case, having known you for over ** years. You sound in really good form Madsadgirl and I know this will continue. You are a special and talented lady, always remember that. Mr Smiley xx xx

Anonymous said...

I'm full of admiration, you knitted that beret in under 3 months, 'cos that's how long it would have taken me.
Is there a picture of what the shawl is like?