Wednesday, 5 November 2008

It's Guy Fawkes Night And I'm Scared

As a child I absolutely hated fireworks which was a bit unfortunate because one of my cousins had his birthday on 5th November and we always had fireworks at his birthday parties.  Even sparklers frightened the life out of me so I would stay indoors with my aunt's dog while everyone else went outside to watch the display.  With age the fear disappeared and I enjoyed organized displays especially when my husband and I went to Florida and visited Disneyland and watched fantastic displays every night.

Some of the best displays that I have seen other than those at Disneyland have been when I have been in Corfu for Greek Easter.  The displays over the Old Fort in Corfu Town as midnight struck and Easter Sunday started were the climax of the moving service that had just taken place in the open air.  All those present light candles and greet those around them with the words 'Christ is risen'.  It is an amazing sight to see so many people gathered in the town for this celebration.

Living on my own, I find that I am now disturbed by the bangs of fireworks around me once again.  I don't have quite the fear that I had as a child, but I find it difficult enough to want to hide my head under a pillow.  I know that this fear is irrational, but I can't stop it.  All I can do is try to keep myself occupied so that I don't notice the noises around me.  Hopefully the noises won't carry on too late so that I can get to sleep at a reasonable hour because sleep is one of the things that I have been having problems with over the last week.

The strangest thing about this fear is that I love the smell that fills the air after a firework display.  There is something about the smell of the gunpowder that I enjoy much as one enjoys the smell of rain after a long hot spell.  Most peculiar, isn't it?


Lily said...

I am exactly the same.

I have the telly on really loud to try and drown it out all the fireworks. Unfortunately the fact one bumped off my living room window isn't helping!

I hope the fireworks around you finish at a reasonable time so you get some sleep.

Caroline said...

My husband adored fireworks and dragged me to a display every year. He was killed on November 3rd four years ago. Tonight I went to a firework display. I was dreading it for it's memories but my grand daughter is five, she wanted to go to see fireworks and I was the only person with transport to do so. I went, I got through it but the sound of fireworks will always make me want to hide, never mind, it's over for another year....I love the smell still though, strange isn't it?

cb said...

I have to say, I quite like fireworks. I didn't go to a display last night but I am intending to at the weekend. I think it's attached to memories when we always without fail, used to do have a few fireworks in the garden when I was a kid. As for me, although I like them, I don't think you'd find me near anything except a sparkler..