Thursday, 6 November 2008

Knitting - A Quick Update

The news is not good.  I have now started and unpicked the shawl five times: I still haven't got past the stage of Row 11 of the 'rosebud' pattern. I've been there twice now, but most of my problems seem to be actually getting the right number of stitches on the needle in the first place (needle is not a typo, I'm using a circular needle) and then getting the first row of the 'rosebud' pattern correct.  So I eventually gave up trying for the day and settled down to work on my red jumper.

The news here is a little better.  I have finished knitting the polo collar and all that remains as far as knitting is concerned is the button and buttonhole bands on the collar to have their stitches picked up and knit and then it is just a case of finishing the sewing together, the addition of the requisite number of buttons and another jumper is ready for wearing.

I didn't use the wool specified in the pattern, and the yarn that I bought has turned out to be far more economical so I should have enough to knit a plain round-necked jumper; this means that I will have been able to make two jumpers for the price of one. 

I suppose you could call it a 'buy one, get one free' jumper.

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Caroline said...

No, it's a "buy one knit one free" - still takes your input!