Tuesday, 21 October 2008

An Early Start To The Day

Yes, it is barely 6am and I have already written an email, sorted out my books for a bit of studying, attached the earphones to my iPod (I need it to listen to some items for the chapter I am reading in the course book), switched on my laptop (okay, so I did that before I wrote the email), and got myself into a comfortable position in bed so that I can spend a couple of hours studying before I get myself ready to face the day and go out to do some shopping.

The reason that I am doing these things so early in the morning, is that I went to bed early last night, fell asleep almost immediately and had nine hours sleep before waking this morning.  I'm still yawning every so often, but I feel a bit brighter than I have for several days.

So some early morning studying, followed by a quick trip to the shops, means that I should be able to please myself about how I spend the rest of the day.  It will probably be some time spent reading, and more time spent with the knitting.  Yes, I know that it isn't a very exciting existence, but it is manageable and I do feel as though I am achieving something each day.  And sometimes just surviving the day can be an achievement in itself.


cb said...

Sometimes I think 'exciting' is overrated.. that's a sign of me getting older possibly! I'm pretty much an early morning person myself though.

steph said...

Can't wait to see the knitting!

Hope the rest of the day goes well.


Caroline said...

I certainly think I would take content and serene over exciting nowadays. Glad you got some sleep, it's almost (but not quite) worth the insomnia for how good you feel when you get a good night of sleep isn't it? However, I cannot ever envisage being alert enough to do more than groan at a cup of coffee at 6am - no, I am far more of a 1am girl. Enjoy your day