Sunday, 19 October 2008

Not Quite The Day That I Planned

I didn't manage to sleep right through the night.  I fell asleep pretty quickly last night, but woke several times. However, each time, except for the first, I was asleep again within about five minutes.  I eventually decided that I had slept enough and decided to get up about 10.30 this morning.  But it is such an uninspiring day.  There have been brief periods of sunshine, but in the main it has been cloudy, and the howling wind doesn't make going for a walk a particularly enticing proposition.  So I decided to have a lazy day.

I've read a few pages of my library book, I've watched a little television although there hasn't been that much worthy of my attention, and I have indulged in some bacon sandwiches for my lunch.  There is something about bacon sandwiches that always helps to make me feel a little better.

I decided that my TMA can wait until tomorrow so I am having a study-free day.  I have had a look at the OU website though and I see that I now have access to the website for my second course, which means that the books should arrive soon.  And I have found that it is possible for me to view the study calendars for both courses at the same time so that I can keep an eye on when TMAs are due for each and ensure that I manage to keep up to date with the work for both courses.  I have spotted one possible problem area and that occurs at the beginning of January.  I have to submit three TMAs (two for one course and one for the other) within a few days, and as I hope to be going to Canada for Christmas and New Year it means that I will have to work hard over the next couple of months to make sure that the TMAs are completed before I go away.

The rest of the day is going to be spent relaxing, perhaps reading a little and maybe doing some knitting (I shall be starting a new jumper if I do), and undoubtedly watching a little television this evening, or watching a DVD if there is nothing much on.  Perhaps it isn't what I had planned for today, but I have at least managed to catch up on my sleep and I feel as though I will be ready to face another week of studying, and all the other things that I have to do.  I may not be feeling brilliant, but neither am I feeling like I did a few weeks ago.  


Caroline said...

Good for you - a day of relaxation is a flippin' good thing now and then

Anonymous said...

I've already pinned up my timetables on the wall, raring to go!