Tuesday, 21 October 2008

A Busy Morning

It's been a busy morning; I've done some shopping so I can eat for the next few days, I have done a couple of hours studying (and I may do some more this afternoon), I've had a couple of deliveries from the postman, and I have done a row or two of my knitting.

Now it is time for me to have some lunch, and then to relax.  It will be just a sandwich for lunch as I am going to cook tonight.  I shall have a good look at my parcels; one was a couple of DVD boxed sets, and the other was some scrap books and associated papers and embellishments.  I am going to make a couple of scrap books for a friend with photographs of his two granddaughters.  I have a few photographs already, but I have been asking him for months now for some more.  If I'm really lucky he might get his finger out and give me the CD that I've asked for and I can make the scrap books as a Christmas present for him and his wife.

My knitting is growing quite well and I should be up to the shoulders on the back some time this afternoon, so there is a good chance that the back will be finished this afternoon or this evening.  I shall have to make sure that I am well wrapped up while I am sitting doing whatever I decide to do this afternoon, because I have been sneezing almost non-stop for the last hour or so, therefore it is likely that I have a cold on the way.  

If I am getting a cold I can't really complain because I haven't had one since last Christmas although that was a real stinker and laid me low for about 10 days.  Even though I spend so much time feeling really low with depression, I must be reasonably healthy because I don't catch too many bugs when they are doing the rounds. Perhaps there are some bonuses from not leaving the house for days on end.


Caroline said...

Don't think I haven't noticed the lack of completed knitting pictures madam :o)

Anonymous said...


Thought I would comment about the OU courses and reply back to your comment over at my blog! Thanks for the advice. I was initially planned on doing a Humanities Degree through the OU about four years ago now but I got as far as the first TMA which I got a great mark for and dropped the first course because I couldn’t take in the study... I have been wanting to give it another go for so long. I have the brains they just need to start off slowly to get going again so I am really looking forward to getting stuck into these couple of courses and aiming for my degree eventually... if there is one thing I want to do it’s achieve my degree and graduate! I have a good friend who’s just completed her English Degree with the OU and is working doing the Humanities one next!

Anyhow take care, I’ve finally added your blog to the blog roll!