Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Another New Jumper

Yes, I've finished another jumper. Nothing very special this time, just something for wearing about the house or when I pop to the shops.  This time I didn't procrastinate over sewing it up either, which makes a change.  I only finished knitting it this afternoon and I got going on the sewing up immediately.

Knitting keeps me going during the evenings while I'm watching television, and as this one wasn't too complicated to follow, it meant that it grew quite quickly. I should perhaps have been doing some studying rather than working on this jumper this afternoon.  I did about an hour and a half on my Human Biology course this morning, but my eyes started to glaze over and I could feel myself drifting towards sleep, so I gave it up for a while.  I shall look to see whether there is anything worth watching on television tonight and if there isn't I shall try to spend another hour or so with the books.

There was a message on my student home page on the OU website on Monday letting me know that my first TMA is due soon.  As it is not required until 14th November, I don't call that soon.  I'm not worried because an hour or so with the TMA will see it ready to send in, but I think it may have been a bit worrying for those new to the OU because this week's reading forms part of the material for the TMA.

On a different note, I see that I have now written more than 150 posts for this blog, and this evening will probably see the visits counter hit the 3000 mark. Not a lot of visitors by the standards of some blogs, but it is more than I ever expected when I started writing this blog in the summer, at a point when I was feeling pretty low.  The fact that I regularly get comments to the things I write also helps to brighten my day.  So I must say thank you to all of you who take the time to read my blog and write comments; I really do appreciate it.


Caroline said...

It's a strange phenomenon, this virtual world we are inhabiting that leads to feeling a connection with someone you don't know the name of who lives somewhere you don't know. I do though, and I am glad you are out there

cb said...

That jumper looks great and I'm getting increasingly jealous as my central heating is still broken and have unearthed all the thick woolly jumpers.
Well done on the 150th post! And I agree with Caroline. It's amazing how the connections work and I think it's something you have to experience to believe. Even writing a little has certainly helped me enormously with some of my stresses.

Anonymous said...

Want a great jumper... I wish I had such a talent to knit I could make mum something nice and warm! She did try to teach me to knit when I was little as did my Nanna but I couldn't master it, they blamed it on being left handed!

I was really hoping to do some preparation this week for my courses before they start but not had the chance with mum now being in hospital but I will put some time away this weekend to do it!

Anonymous said...

Oh and before I forget well done on the blog hits, it's nice to see the readers increase and the number of visitors! :)

Disillusioned said...

A good reminder to me to get my crafty stuff out again. Thanks!

steph said...

My son was responsible for getting me into blogging last year. He was working abroad at the time but kept a close eye on my progress and supplied lots of tips on how to improve the blog.

One day, a personalised greeting card ( popped through the letterbox from him, with the words...

"Congratulations on reaching your 3oooth visitor (probably 4000 by now!)"

That card still has pride of place beside my computer as it's a reminder of how precious it feels to know that others have read my words.

So congrats to you on your first 3,000 visitors and here's to many more, and your next jumper too!