Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Winter Has Arrived

I don't think that there can be any doubt that winter has arrived.  The temperature plummets at night and even though we have some sunshine during the day, there is no warmth in the sun.  Now is the time for thick winter woollies and warming soups and stews to warm you body and soul to keep out the cold.

I have sorted out my winter pyjamas and thick dressing gown, and the T-shirts and short-sleeved blouses have been put away for another year.  I'm even considering sorting out some socks to wear with shoes and trainers. This is unusual for me because I normally live in sandals; in fact, I can't remember the last time I wore a proper pair of shoes.

The last thing that we need at the moment is a really cold winter.  With the cost of fuel bills soaring, keeping your home warm is going to cost more than it ever has in the past, and the elderly are going to find it more difficult than ever. One wonders how many are going to succumb to hypothermia this winter, and whether anyone will take responsibility for those deaths.  


Caroline said...

The official figure is - 25000 older people will die as a result, direct or indirect of the cold this winter. It will be higher because of the hike in fuel prices. It's appalling, if it was 25000 young children or, God forbid 25000 Merchant Bankers there would be money thrown at the problem from all directions, it's the "not for resuss" of the domiciliary world, because it's "only" older people it seems to be accepted. As for who will take responsibility? You know the answer to that my dear.....

steph said...

Thanks for the reminder, MSG!

I'd forgotten that I've a new pair of winter pyjamas put away in anticipation of exactly this sort of horrible weather. It's sleeting and very cold here today so I'm sitting at my computer with a scarf around my neck and a hot water bottle on my knees!

Now I'm off to heat up some soup to fuel the furnace!

Anonymous said...

I always worry about my mum in this weather as she feels she cold really bad with having the renal failure and I am dreading this winter as her house is fairly large so expensive to heat. She does get the winter fuel allowance as she’s over 60 but even so £300 is not really going to cover one quarter.

I am really lucky since although I have gas central heating in my house but it’s done from a joint boiler for every three houses and I pay a standard gas weekly gas charge of just under £9 to the council, for that I can keep the heating on all day and every day if I need to! I expect it to go up next April with all the increases but last years increase was just a £1

Saying that even with the heating on it’s still so cold, I seem to feel it more as I get older.

I've so far invested in a new winter coat, thicker socks for my boots and an extra hot water bottle!