Sunday, 7 September 2008

I Survived

Yes, I survived yesterday and I hope that I am on the road out of this depression at least for a while. After having slept most of yesterday, and even managed a reasonable amount of sleep last night, I have been very indulgent today. I have taken it easy and been watching Doctor Who Series 2. Good honest escapism, and nothing to feel guilty about. It was a great way to spend Sunday.

Tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow I must set to work on the end of course assignment for my current OU course. There are two tasks for this assignment, one involves an essay explaining the statement 'Happiness comes from outside and within', while the other is a short exercise in how my learning skills have improved while I have been working on this course. This is a rather strange experience for me because this is the first course that I have done with the OU that wasn't part of a programme towards a particular qualification. So after having studied undergraduate and postgraduate courses, to have taken one of their Openings courses that are designed for people who have not studied at university level before has been a bit of a strange experience. I did it in part to regain some confidence in myself. I had been finding it very difficult to write essays and as a result had stopped working for my MSc, but I didn't want to stop studying all together because it is one of the things that has kept me going over the last few years.

So tomorrow I will start work on the ECA; I have about five weeks in which to complete it but I am hoping to have it done in about two. That means that I can write it, leave it for a few days and then look at it again to see if I can improve it in any way. Then once it is on its way I can start work on the next course that I am doing. This will be a long course (one academic year and worth 60 points of credit) but once this is completed I will be starting a course which I think this blog will be excellent practice for. I am going to take a course in Creative Writing as the last course for my second degree. I almost wish I was doing it this year, but it will have to wait.

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