Friday, 25 July 2008

You Don't Realise How Much You Rely On Something...

... until you don't have it anymore. I survived for years without access to the Internet at home, but when I started working towards my Master's with the OU I had to have Internet access and I now rely on it for so much.

I do Internet banking, I order my monthly large shop online and have it delivered, I use the Internet for buying a lot of other things too, such as wool for my knitting, and supplies for my card making, and I have managed to get some real cross stitch kit bargains on ebay. Amazon is a lifesaver when it comes to buying all those books that are necessary for my studying, and at lower prices than I could get them on the high street always supposing that I could find a decent bookshop.

So I am finding it a nightmare at the moment to be having horrendous problems with my Internet connection. There is a problem with my phoneline so it may be that is the reason that I can't surf and blog as I would like to, although the problem with the phone existed before the Internet connection suddenly disappeared. I have been told that my phone line will be properly operating by Monday 8pm at the latest, so I guess I will have to wait until then to see whether my Internet connection returns too. If it does, all well and good, but if it doesn't I guess it will be a long phone call to the ISP's phone helpline because I can't log on to the Internet to be able to use their very helpful online help facility. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it just a little bit silly to put all those pages of help on their website, if you can't access the web to be able to read them.

Anyway, it means that I will probably have to continue using the facilities in my local library for an hour a day until I have got everything sorted out and up and running again. I shall have to pop down here early tomorrow morning and try to sneak on for an hour to catch up on my email and have a quick look at what is happening on the blogosphere, and I live in a very enlightened part of London where the libraries are open on Sunday too, so I can come in then if necessary. The library is only about five minutes walk from home so it's not as though I have to make a long journey to get there.

Perhaps there are benefits to my living in London after all.

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Anonymous said...

Ergh I'd probably lose it without the old internet to hand. I'd see too much pacing and fidgetting going on. Take care.


P.S. Agreed - it is stupid to have information on why your IE doesn't work when you can't actually get on there.