Thursday, 24 July 2008

A Catastophe Has Occurred

Well, it's a catastrophe for me. I have lost connectivity to the Internet at home, and I am absolutely lost without it. Whilst I haven't been blogging for long, I have used the Internet for a lot of background information during my studying, and it is an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with people by email.

Yesterday morning, I added a comment to one of the blogs that I read regularly. I then did a couple of other things on the computer, and then when I went back to do a google search, suddenly I had no connectivity. I was devastated. How would I find out what was going on in the blogosphere? Would anyone miss me? What about the regularly email contact that I have with an old friend? We communicate several times a day through the medium of email, and all of a sudden I was incommunicado.

The problem seems to be with my wireless router, so I may have to get another one. This is the second time in just a few weeks that it has stopped playing the game and I am not very happy. I had not realised how much this method of cummunication means to me until suddenly I am without it.

I've come to the local library to use one of theirs for an hour. Just enough time for me to check my emails, write this short blog, and then search for a good buy on a new router. One of the joys of writing the blog at home is that I can be completely anonymous. No-one will know who I am unless I choose to tell them, and there are only a couple of people to whom I have imparted the information. In the library, I am in an open area, where I can be easily overlooked, and where my time is limited to one hour.

So if you don't see me about on the blogosphere for a couple of days, it's not because anything has happened to me, it's just that the technology that allows me to interact with you all, has let me down a little.

Fear not, I will be back.

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