Tuesday, 8 July 2008

In Sympathy With The Medical Profession

I am not a doctor (I'm not clever enough and I'm too old to try now) but I find it very interesting, and often very amusing, to read the blogs of the Jobbing Doctor and a number of the other doctors who regularly give us their point of view on things medical and that pertain to the medical world. Over the last week there have been a number of posts from these caring professionals dealing with the Darzi Report as well as the wholesale GP-bashing that seems to be going on at the moment.

As a member of the general public who has the need to consult a doctor on a regular basis, I would like to say how much I sympathise with the doctors in this country and the horrendous attacks that are being made on them by people who really should know better. I was with my last GP for about 15 years and he knew me very well; he helped me through the grieving process when my husband died very suddenly, and he supported me through a number of major illnesses, which eventually led to my having to take medical retirement. My move from Cambridgeshire coincided with this wonderful GP taking early retirement because he was fed up with the way that this government were treating doctors, and GPs in particular. So having moved to London, I had to find myself a new GP and I was lucky because I found one who has been very kind and helpful over the last year. Unfortunately this new GP is retiring in just a few weeks, again pretty much as a result of the GP-bashing that this government seems to be so keen on.

Why am I commenting on this? Well, as someone with a very complex medical history (which has all happened in the last 10 years) it is important to me that I have a GP with whom I can develop a good relationship so that it is not necessary to go through my complete medical history each time I have an appointment. What worries me is that this situation could very likely be what is facing us if Lord Darzi, the Government, and the CBI get their way.

One thing that the NHS will never be is a business; it is a service and should be treated as such. Yes, we should be entitled to expect certain standards, and with the right support the NHS can meet those standards, but if Government is constantly moving the goalposts, it is understandable that doctors will become disenchanted and feel less inclined, as well as being less able, to provide the service that they so obviously want to.

So, I am happy to stand up and be counted. I want to stand with the doctors and say to the Government, "Keep your hands off our GP practices, stop trying to privatise something that needs to remain in the public sector if it is to continue helping those of us on low incomes who can't afford private medical insurance or with complex medical problems that require regular contact with the same doctor for continuity of treatment".

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Jobbing Doctor said...

Thank you for this post, and the honourable mention. I have linked it to one of mine.

A heartwarming and positive post.