Tuesday, 22 February 2011

No Pterodactyls Here

It's Tuesday. Tuesday is psychotherapy day and in the past I have written about the butterflies in my stomach that seemed to be the size of pterodactyls as the awful hour approached. I used to try everything I could on a Friday morning to keep the anxiety under control but usually it was in vain.

When I was having psychotherapy with J last year I found that I rarely had any signs of anxiety until he called me into his office, at which point I would be overcome with such gut-wrenching anxiety that it was possible to see the physical effect that it was having on me. J always used to say that to see me like this made him feel as though he was torturing me.

But one thing I have noticed since I started group psychotherapy just a month ago is that there don't seem to be any particularly signs of anxiety at all. It still isn't the most comfortable experience in the world but there is no stomach churning, no feeling of butterflies, and definitely no pterodactyls.


mememe said...

I'm glad you are back to blogging. Also glad that there aren't any pterodactyls, sound painful x

Jen Daisybee said...

I'm so glad you are able to go to group therapy without the horrible anxiety you had before. I know what horrible anxiety feels like (I take Klonopin for this every day), and it is no fun. I hope for you that you have a peaceful, and helpful therapy session.

Gledwood said...

This is GROUP psychotherapy? You're brave! I've been told I'm not ready for groups. I do do a dual diagnosis one where everyone has some issue with drugs + psychotic illness and it's very good but I honestly don't feel up to discussing my feelings some weeks so don't go.

I've had counselling THREE times but came up against the time limit of 2 years the first time and got a 6 month extension when actually I needed far longer and 1 year the last time when I actually need indefinite counselling IF I choose to go. I got fed up of it being offered as a knee-jerk response and need a fully trained counsellor. My last one, bless her heart, was Greek with very good English but I don't see that I need to dumb down my language for the sake of mutual comprehension.

Best of luck with the therapy. I hope it really helps; it's all in the attitude! ;-)

ps and thank God that anxiety has gone, anxiety is the pits