Thursday, 13 May 2010

Apologies Again

I must apologise again for not posting. Life for me is still very difficult and not being made any easier by almost certainly having to look for a new home. This is something that perhaps may turn out to be a blessing in disguise, but it doesn't make it any easier when at the moment it is as much as I can do to drag myself out of bed each day.

Tuesday's psychotherapy session was difficult. I have a half written post about it and about the meeting later that day with the guy who got the job that I applied for at the beginning of the year. I will finish it and publish it tomorrow. Yesterday I was feeling so awful that I couldn't face going out to the knitting group, which was a bit of a pain because I wanted to look to see if the shop had some more of the fabulous yarn that I bought a couple of weeks ago. Today I had an appointment with my psychiatrist, the nice Dr M, and as a result I now have to go to see my GP tomorrow to get a prescription for another additional antidepressant. Dr M is really concerned about how depressed I am and that I am not sleeping, which is probably making the depression even worse.

I'm hoping that Saturday turns out to be a nice day because I am meeting Lily and Faye in Trafalgar Square and we are going to have lunch together and possibly go looking at knitting supplies. I won't need to buy anything because I went to the knitting shop after I had been to see Dr M today and manage to secure the yarn that I wanted to add to that which I had bought a couple of weeks ago and I can now knit the shawl that I had hoped to be able to make with it. It's going to be a project for the future because I really don't think that I am in the right frame of mind to start working on it at the moment. If I can't even manage to read a book because my concentration is so bad, then there is no chance that I can knit a complicated lace shawl which requires me to follow several charts at the same time. When I do eventually get the shawl started I will post some pictures of my work of art as it progresses. It is not going to be a quick project, but I am sure that it will be worth the effort in the end.


Lily said...

I'm sad to hear that you're still feeling so down.

Really excited about our girly lunch tomorrow and I hope it helps to make you feel a little bit better!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to read things are not going so well for you at the moment, I hope to adding of another AD might see things improving for you?

I may have missed something in a post, as I not getting to spend as much time online as I would like at the moment with my college course coming to an end in a matter of weeks and moving house (next week!), but I see you mention as possible house move also, I am curious as to why? Sorry if I am being nosey...

I'm looking forward to finally moving in next week, but trying to move and fit in the rest of my college assignments and exams was not so easy at the same time!

Take care MSG, thinking of you x

BenefitScroungingScum said...

I understand how overwhelming having to find a new home whilst dealing with health problems can be, I do hope you end up being as lucky with your new home as I have been with mine.
Thinking of you, BG Xx