Sunday, 4 April 2010

Chocolate Free Easter

I'm having a chocolate free Easter. Yes, you read that correctly. It's Easter and not a single piece of chocolate will pass my lips.

Easter eggs are not the sort of thing that you buy for yourself, so I am able to be good and not indulge in extra calories. This is a good thing because after years of struggling with my weight after having put on about 4 stone courtesy of one particular antidepressant, I seem to be losing weight.

I don't possess a set of scales because I have become so self-conscious of my size over the years. But when my trousers start to be loose around my waist and have to be constantly pulled up so that they don't drag along the ground, I know that the weight must be going.

To lose all the weight that I put on is going to take a very long time, but if I continue to lose it slowly as I have over the last couple of months then I hope that I can look forward to a slimmer me. I know that it is unlikely that I will go back to my former weight because I am no longer as active as I used to be, but losing weight is a good thing and I am sure that doing so will do much for my mood too.


Bippidee said...

Oh you totally can by yourself an easter egg - I have done it before, but I waited until the sales after easter and you can get big ones for about 60p - it's great! Actually ends up being much better value than if you bought a normal bar of chocolate.

But I am impressed with your self restraint. I am a bit lacking in that. I hope you manage to get to a weight you are happy with. x

Bippidee said...

I missed the u out of buy.... Oops!

Lily said...

I've also had a chocolate-free easter but made up for it with the biggest fry-up I've ever seen this morning... said...

My family give me gifts for easter because they know how I agonize over my weight.

Zyprexa made me gain weight but I won't be beaten.

Fight the good fight and congratulations on the weight loss.