Sunday, 21 March 2010

Victoria And Her Finery

There and Back has kindly sent me some more photographs of Victoria, who has been named Victoria Plum.

From her curly hair ...
... to her dainty little shoes...
... Victoria is a picture in purple and lilac.

She is normally the model of decorum, but just for you she has raised her skirts a little to show her very ladylike bloomers.
Victoria is very pleased with her colour coordinated outfit which even includes a lovely little handbag in which she can store her treasures.

And she is really proud of her cape which has been edged with tiny beads, each sewn on by hand.

I am sure that Victoria is going to be very happy in her new home.


Lily said...

She is gorgeous!!

steph said...

Such talent!

Victoria is stunning in all her finery.

Take a bow, MSG

Wendy Love said...

I am in love with Victoria. Her name suits her so well. Your attention to detail is impressive. And what a wonderful activity as a depression antedote. You have inspired me today. I have been meaning to get out my paintbrushes again and today I am going to do it! I enjoy your blog very much and will be back!
Wendy Love