Saturday, 20 March 2010

Meet Victoria

This is Victoria, well that is her provisional name, her owner may choose to call her something else. Yes, she is the doll that I have been knitting and she was finished very late on Thursday, just in time for me to take her to the Post Office yesterday to send her to There and Back, whose birthday it is today. There and Back sent me this photograph since I didn't have time to photograph her myself before she went in the post. She is delighted with her, so I am delighted.

I need something to keep my mind, and hands, occupied so I have already started making another doll. This time her name is Daisy Livingstone Fairy and she is being made for Lily, who fell in love with the picture of her when we met yesterday. So Lily, if you are reading this, I have a progress report. Daisy's feet have been knitted, her legs and body are finished and her head will be completed tonight.


Differently Sane said...

She's gorgeous. I have the same book, and am looking forward to knitting some of the dolls from it at some point.

Thank you for posting the picture.

Take care,

trio said...

That is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Victoria is so adorable! :)

Lily said...

Wow... she'll be ready in no time at this rate!! Soooo excited!