Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sleeping And Knitting

I have spent a significant part of today asleep; it's a shame because I wish it was a significant part of the night that I could sleep. But having managed a reasonable amount of sleep, I have at least managed to do some knitting today.

This may seem a little thing, but when I say that I have managed to do some knitting today, it is actually quite a lot of knitting; certainly more than I have managed for a few days. Today I will complete the doll's underskirt and start work on her jacket. There is still much work to do on her clothes before I actually start work on the doll herself. Actually I have cheated a little and done one of her feet already. Much of the doll is actually made in one piece (well her legs are done separately and then joined at the hips) so once I get started on her I will be able to watch her grow as I complete each row.

Having never knitted toys before I have to admit that this is a bit of a learning curve for me but even though my mood is low, I am actually get some sense of enjoyment watching the various pieces of the teddy bear and the doll being completed. Teddy has taken a bit of a back seat for the moment because he is not needed for a few months yet, but I want to give the doll to a friend so she is going to take all of my spare time at the moment.

I still have to find the embellishments that I want for her clothes. This means searching out somewhere that sells a variety of knitting yarns (I need something fluffy in the colour of the cloak), some glittery yarn (for embellishing the bodice and making her jewellery), and something like ribbon roses (to embellish her underskirt, overskirt and jacket). It's amazing how difficult it can be to find all of these things in one place but I am hoping that John Lewis in Oxford Street might be that place, so I may try to force myself out tomorrow in search of these items.

This may not seem like much, but it has been difficult for me to do anything other than exist for the last few weeks and making a plan like this does seem like a major milestone. This excursion will depend on how I am feeling physically because I also have a raging sore throat at the moment. But making plans is a good sign, and I am going to hang on to that thought.


DeeDee Ramona said...

I was knitting until some minutes ago, but the cat attacked my yarn...

alhi said...

Hopefully some sleep at any time will help. I'm struggling to get out of bed and motivated too these days. Various happenings have made me sink like a stone and just trying to muster the energy to go and see my GP about it so I feel like I'm doing something.

Anonymous said...

Making plans is a very good sign. I hope you find all the bits and pieces you need. I'm terrible on such shopping trips as I always end up buying piles of shiny pretty things I don't need "just in case"...

Will you upload pictures once you've finished, please?

Take care,

steph said...

Great! Your comments are working again. I couldn't get them to work yesterday.

I'm so sorry to find you in another dip of form having been back in hospital.

I see three really positive signs...

the fact that you are able to articulate how you are feeling here on your blog

that your creative talent is giving you a focus at the moment

and that you are planning ahead!

Next time you go shopping, plan to buy yourself a treat... maybe something you'd really enjoy to eat or something nice to read or maybe something different to wear and then when you get home, enjoy! If you do nothing else that day, you'll have succeeded in executing another plan.

Hope that throat doesn't develop into a horrible cold. I really look forward to seeing the pics of the toys you've created!