Monday, 8 March 2010

Having A Cold

The Fuddled Medic has asked how my cold is this morning and I have to say that it is in full flow. I have a streaming nose, eyes that are constantly filling with tears and a cough that is extremely painful on my chest.

I managed a pretty reasonable night's sleep all things considered. I switched off the television at 9pm, lay down on my pillow and I was asleep in seconds. And I slept through until 6am.

I have managed to make myself something to eat, and actually managed to eat it, and I am now watching David Tennant's last episode as Doctor Who (I recorded it so that I could watch it again) wondering what I can do that won't make me cough too much.

I think that staying in bed as much as possible is definitely on the cards because I don't have the energy to do much else, and it is the best way that I know for getting me through this stage of a cold. Whatever happens to me today, I want to be well enough to go to my psychotherapy session tomorrow. So fingers crossed I will get over the worst of this plague today and I will get up tomorrow feeling much better.

So, Fuddled Medic, that's how I am feeling today.


Anonymous said...

David Tennant isn't going to be Dr. Who anymore??? Nooooooo....

Seriously, I hope you feel better soon and your appointment goes well.

Astrid said...

I hope you will be feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.