Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Early Bird ,,,

,,, catches the worm; or so the saying goes.

It was late when I got to sleep last night even though I had promised myself an early night. It was early when I woke up this morning, and with it being Tuesday, and therefore, psychotherapy day, I decided that allowing myself to fall back to sleep was not necessarily a good idea. I needed to find something to do that would keep me awake.

My solution to this problem has been to bring up to date my lecture notes for the lecture that I will be giving next week. I had already cut and pasted various posts from this blog into the lecture notes from last year. I had intended to do the editing one morning last week but things conspired against me. It was a job that still needed to be done and procrastination was not going to make it go away, so I fired up the computer and set to work.

I have added what happened at the termination of my psychotherapy last year, a brief mention of my hospitalization, and some thoughts about the psychotherapy that I am undergoing at the present time. I have also added the section that 'S' asked me to put in about what I think the qualities that a therapist requires.

This additional material has added about 15 minutes to my lecture, but there are a few areas that I will probably skim over, or cut out completely, when the day actually arrives. I am responsible for the whole of the morning session, so while my actual lecture is probably slightly longer than an hour in length, there is still plenty of time left for discussion afterwards. Last year, this developed into a question and answer session rather than the seminar that had originally been planned. 'S' wants it to follow the same formula again. And I am more than happy to accede to this request.

Yes, it can be quite difficult talking about the subject, after all, therapy is a very personal thing. But I believe that it is most important that the postgraduate students get a feel for what it is like to be on the receiving end of therapy rather than just looking at the subject from a theoretical point of view focusing on the different types of therapy that abound.

So, my lecture is prepared. All that is left for me to do is to print it and put it in a folder ready for me to take with me next week. At least waking early this morning has not been totally wasted.

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