Monday, 15 March 2010

The Ankle Bone Connects To The Leg Bone

I had my lunch and decided to sit down to work on the doll. I had put her aside the other day to spend some time concentrating on the clothes, but I knew that I needed the doll ready for her clothes, so she came out of the bag and sat looking at me. Well she would have done if she had any features.

Her head has now been stuffed to the requisite size and some threads have been drawn up to make her neck. they are only tied in a bow at the moment so that adjustments can be made if necessary. The next task has been to sew her feet to the legs. Her feet are already stuffed so it it quite a fiddly task attaching them to the legs. The first one was attached without too much difficulty. However, having attached the second foot and started to stuff the legs, I realised that the foot had been attached the wrong way round. So the foot has now been amputated and I will have to attach it again. Hopefully, the right way round this time.

Once this bit of surgery has been completed I will need to complete the stuffing of the body and legs, then work on her hands and arms will begin. I know that the hands are going to take a while to complete but it will be worth it when finished. When the hands and arms are attached, I will give the doll some features. Just some eyes and a mouth, but I am sure that she will then have a character all her own. Then her hair will need to be attached. As this has been created in the form of a wig, it will just need to be properly sited on her head and then sewn into place.

The final act will be to complete her clothing. Most of it is now sewn together and just requires the embellishments to be completed. then she can be dressed in her finery and she will be ready to face the world.

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