Thursday, 18 February 2010

Grey And Miserable

I'm feeling like the weather today. Grey and miserable.

I had to go to see my GP yesterday. I have something that is not talked about in polite society and things were so painful that I couldn't even sit down on the sofa which is nice and soft. He gave me a prescription for pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and some cream for the problem. There was supposed to be some antibiotics too but he forgot to add them to the prescription so I had to go back to the surgery this morning to get a prescription for them. There was also a referral to the hospital so I shall be seeing them in a few weeks time.

Teddy progressed a bit more yesterday with his body parts being completed. I also started the back of his head. I don't feel like knitting at the moment so progress has slowed but as he isn't needed immediately that isn't a problem. He will be ready in plenty of time. This morning the postman brought me two books that I had ordered from Amazon. they are both knitting books, one has patterns for 15 wild animals, and the other has knitted pirates, princesses, witches, wizards and fairies. Some of the patterns in the second book are fabulous and I really want to have a go at a couple of them. The dolls are knitted to a basic pattern and then their character is changed by the addition of hair, features, and the most wonderful clothes. There are a couple of patterns in the book that I am sure any little girl would be pleased to receive (and one or two bigger ones too).


alhi said...

If your problem was the one I am thinking of then I too suffer. Not nice, not nice at all.

Anonymous said...

Snap, ouch... take care x

Lily said...

When you say "bigger girls" you mean me right? :-p

Hope the bits and bobs the doctors gave you sort the problem out quickly!!

Achelois said...

Ouch, try a rubber ring to sit on. The hole in the middle means the ouchy bit is under less pressure. I know this from experience!

I know exactly the books you ordered as have looked at them myself on Amazon. Unfortunately my grandson is a little old now for such things and I know no other little one's that would appreciate them. I order knitting books just to have them pile up so that I can look and gaze in admiration at the works of art within. As you know my knitting skills leave a lot to be desired. So when you are feeling low think of me stuck to knitting rubbish hats! You on the other hand have my complete envy in the beautiful creations you make. Please do post a picture of the teddy when you finish him. I can sit and go that funny green colour again...

Take care and if you are like me you are secretly pleased each day brings a few more moments of light.

Hoping you feel better soon both physically and emotionally.


Anonymous said...

May have just copied you on the knitting books... couldn't resist (recently found shop which sells the stuffing, and always enjoyed making toys more than clothes).

Been knitting the same cardigan for ages, actually that's not true, I've almost finished but have 'not been knitting it' for months, otherwise it'd have long been finished...

Hope your "not mentioned in polite society" problem clears up soon - sounds awfully painful.

Take care,