Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I have NOT got the job.


Fuddled Medic said...

Unlucky, hope your feeling ok

talesofacrazypsychmsjor said...

oh no :(
You okay?

alhi said...

WHAT! More fool them. Pillocks.
They tell you why?
Hope you're OK about it.

Bippidee said...

Oh no, I am really sorry. I was totally convinced that you were going to get it. Did they give you any feedback? x

cb said...

I'm sorry to hear that.
Take care

Anonymous said...

All I can say is - 'more fool them'!
Hope this doesn't knock you back.
Besides, you reach so many people through you're blog - so that's something to celebrate!

Achelois said...

Humph, hope they gave you a valid reason. Please don't take it personally as you explained senior partner is agaisnt patient access to records. I imagine you not getting the position is little to do with your actual capability to do it. More to do with 'wheels within wheels'. Hope you don't dwell on the their silly decision. In all honesty I was a little worried it was perhaps a little too soon and hope this means you can concentrate on your continued wellbeing and already stirling efforts to 'fight for the cause' of open access. As has been said you do this so well already I just wish it were recognised with a salary. In the meantime, stay warm, fed and don't forget the crafty pictures I love so much.

Take care and stay safe.